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WHEREAS, Women in Code Enforcement and Development of Virginia, also known
as WICED of VA; promote the value, recognition, and professional development of
women in code enforcement and development within the Commonwealth of Virginia
through mentoring, education, networking, and collaboration.

WHEREAS, safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of all Virginians is the
greatest priority of our state, its leaders, our building safety professionals, and this

WHEREAS our efforts to establish and maintain relations with young professional
women entering the building safety industry is of utmost importance; giving us
confidence that uplifting and raising the profile of remarkable women will be the
blueprint for the future; and

WHEREAS Women in Code Enforcement and Development of Virginia recognizes
Norfolk State University in establishing the first College Chapter of WICED, and

WHEREAS, in observance of this proclamation, we urge all professional women of
Norfolk State University, Department of Technology to continue acknowledging and
celebrating the vital role women play in every facet of the building and safety

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Maryia Lackansingh, President of Women in Code
Enforcement of Virginia, do hereby formally recognize Norfolk State University as
an Official College Chapter of Women in Code Enforcement and Development on
this 9th day of March 2023.

Maryia Lackansingh
Women in Code Enforcement and Development of VA

Vernell Woods
Adjunct Professor,
Norfolk State University Department of Technology

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