Proclamation of Recognition for Permit Techs

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WHEREAS, the role of the permit technician is essential and necessary to gain the public trust, build credibility for building departments, and achieve the ultimate goal of ensuring safe, accessible, and durable buildings in our communities; and,

WHEREAS, permit technicians uphold the general perception of the public related to building departments as representatives of the building official and the municipalities of which they are employed; and,

WHEREAS, permit technicians are required to obtain certification by the International Code Council and the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development indicating proficiency in their profession, an expansion in their building code knowledge, and validating their technical expertise; and,

WHEREAS, customers, contractors, developers, and design professionals rely on the services of permit technicians in answering questions, submitting applications, providing necessary documents, scheduling inspections, supplying education and assistance with navigating online permitting processes, and providing coordination with other departments and agencies; and,

WHEREAS, permit technicians help permit holders avoid violations, and provide resolutions to frustrated customers by exercising flexibility and tact to ensure the requirements of the community development departments are met; and,

WHEREAS, applicable to locality, permit technicians support citizens in exercising First Amendment freedoms by aiding with Freedom Of Information Act requests, in addition to maintaining complex records management systems through coordination with the Library of Virginia; and,

WHEREAS, permit technicians conduct difficult and/or technical correspondence including contracts and legal documents, in addition to preparing budget, finance, and other reports for the building department; and,

WHEREAS, permit technicians serve as a liaison to local boards and commissions, such as Local Board of Building Code Appeals; and,

WHEREAS, safeguarding the health, safety, and welfare of citizens is of paramount concern to all building safety professionals throughout Virginia and Women in Code Enforcement and Development of Virginia (WICED of VA) is committed to raising awareness of the vital role the permit technician profession provides.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED …That Women in Code Enforcement and Development of Virginia (WICED of VA) Board of Directors, on behalf of its membership, supports the much-needed recognition and support for our Permit Technicians as they fulfill the vital role of Technical Assistants in assuring Building Departments function in protecting the life, safety and welfare of the citizens and visitors to the Commonwealth of Virginia. That the performance of such a vital role be recognized, valued, and compensated for the contribution it truly provides to the building community.

Maryia Lackansingh

Women in Code Enforcement and Development of VA

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